Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is something that I personally have had experience with. Being a geology major, I have tried many different crystals to heal certain ailments. In my experiences, it only works if you believe it works.. I do not think that crystal healing actually does anything to physically change your well being, but there is something to be said about the electromagnetic currents that are passed between you and the crystal while a "procedure" or "ritual" is being performed.

Here is a website that gives a lot of detailed information on the tropic of crystal healing:
I have personally read some of llewellyn's book, and they are quite interesting and accurately informative.

There are a few things I don't enjoy about the art of crystal healing:
-the disappointment or self-questioning if something doesn't work.. you believe that you aren't "doing it right" or that something was off while you were.
-the belief that you can do it any night of any week.. there is a very powerful concept that crystal healers all take part in- do your healing under a full moon, or when there is an astrological/astronomical event happening (i.e. eclipse, meteor shower, etc.) In my experience, these events seem to mesh somehow with the crystals energy, and I begin to feel something magical.

Please take the time read about crystal healing, even if you think it is bullshit. It is really an interesting and entertaining thing to read about.
Thanks :)
-Lindsey A Tallman.

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  1. Having a geology minor, we've shared a few classes, and as soon as I read the title of your post I thought about Mineralogy last fall! I had a feeling you would post something along these lines:) I haven't read up much on crystal healing myself, but I know that it is actually a fairly popular area. The reason I thought of Mineralogy was that a large amount of people had crystal healing or some kind of crystal therapeutic benefit as one of the uses for whatever mineral they did they're project on. For those of you guys who haven't taken Mineralogy, each student has to select a mineral and do a presentation on it. One of the topics we have to cover about the mineral is what it is used for. Most minerals can be used for some kind of healing or spiritual reason.

    The mineral I did my project on was Realgar, which is an arsenic sulfide. Realgar is a key ingredient in many forms of ancient Chinese medicine, and these medicines containing realgar are still prescribed today by some doctors. One red flag on hearing that this mineral is used in medicine is that it contains arsenic. Another indication of the pseudoscience behind this mineral use in healing is the usage comes from "ancient Chinese medicine", which has not been changed in hundreds if not thousands of years showing no change or progress over time.