Friday, August 8, 2014

My Ouija Board Experience

It was an just an ordinary night, I got out of work around 10 o' clock and started to head home. About half where there my girlfriend at the time called me and with a fear in her voice begged me to come over to a mutual friend of ours house. So, of course with no hesitation I headed on over and arrived at the girls house to find my girlfriend and a few other friends all packed into our friend's tiny bedroom. When I first got there I had no idea what was going on, everyone was silent and fixated on something in the middle of the floor. I leaned over the group of people sitting in a circle to see an Ouija Board sitting in the middle of them all, three friends of mine had their arms extended holding onto the planchette. I grabbed a seat next to my girlfriend and she turned to me with a pale, white, blank face and said "It is Mike". (This is not the actual name she said but I would rather keep everyone's identity confidential) Now Mike was a friend of all of ours who sadly passed away to soon in a car accident earlier that year and I was speechless when she said it was him. I quickly became so fascinated in what was going on and wanted to hear, see, and know more. About twenty minutes went by and I had been only spectating to this point, in all honesty I was starting to belief less and less in the whole situation. Our friends were asking questions that anyone could have answered, nothing personal was ever asked. The questions asked were "What is Heaven like?" and "Are you okay?", ones that anyone could move the planchette and answer. It wasn't until my whole outlook on everything changed when Mike spelled out, asking us to call her girlfriend who he had left behind. One girl quickly picked up her phone and called two times, but no answer. Feeling heart broken she sadly explained that Rachel (Mike's Girlfriend) wasn't answering, and his response made everyone speechless. He spelled out the words "call again", "speaker", "hear voice" (We believe he wanted to just hear her answering machine) and so we did, and sure enough this time she answered. After trying to explain to her exactly what was going on and giving her some time to collect her emotions, we started getting into some really personal questions between Mike and Rachel over the phone. She would ask the question on speaker and we would relay the message to her from the board. Many questions were asked, of course she asked how he was and if he missed her, but then she started to ask questions that clearly none of us would know. She asked questions like what did they eat the second night on their cruise for dinner and what was the one thing she always had to do before brushing her teeth. These were questions that there was no way any of us could have the answers to, but sure enough Mike got them right. This was when I really became 100% amazed and curious of this whole situation. A few people had to leave and it became my turn to actually participate with the board. I sat down next to another girl who had to this point only been a spectator as well, I could tell by the look in her eye that she was scared beyond belief. We both sat down as Rachel asked another question, I still had no idea what to expect, I honestly thought it was my friends moving the planchette this whole time. With only my hands and the girl's hands on top of the piece, it started to move towards a letter in her direction, and in all honesty I thought she had moved it. That was until she looked up at me and I saw her face, her skin was whiter then a ghost and it looked like she was going to throw up. She barely got out the statement "please tell me that you moved that" and that is when I truly realized that all of this was real. I remember that rush of horror and excitement at the same time. We continued to play for about another half hour or so. About 10 minutes after I sat down I passed off my spot to someone else, because I had enough for that night. Later that night I went home and adored the amazing and crazy experience I had just gone through and till this day I have no tried or even though about doing it again. I had one meaningful, memorable, and touching moment and that will be all I ever need.

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