Saturday, August 2, 2014

Demons. I was on my way home from Arizona

Okay, so judging from the comments on my first post about how I am going to write about my experiences, I am excited to tell everyone this!!

So, the story begins. It was the beginning of summer after my freshman year as a geology student. I had been invited to go on the geology club trip to Arizona- three weeks backpacking and camping all over the state. I was so excited to be part of it, and I couldn't wait to go!

The trip was amazing, absolutely gorgeous and educational in every single way. Though, the real mystery began our first night on the roadtrip home. Go figure, after twelve days camping in the dark woods, I hadn't experienced anything paranormal.

So, I was with a few friends that I had gotten close to on the trip. We decided to have a few beers that night, in lieu of our newfounded geologist lifestyle. Rebecca and Luke then decided to go exploring in the good old creepiest town I have ever been in -Hayes, Kansas. I have literally never been to a more desolate, creepy, dead town in my entire life. We were staying at a super-8, so just imagine what kind of neighborhood we were in....

So, Rebecca, Luke, and I start walking around the back streets (PS: I don't recommend doing this, EVER. Looking back, I was a freakin' idiot for walking around alone with young friends, after 2 beers..). Luke had this great idea that we should explore the abandoned buildings that were surrounding us. I hated the idea, I totally freakin' hated the idea. But I did it anyway, reluctantly...

This wasn't just any abandoned building.. It was an abandoned hotel. Awesome, right? Nope.

We get up to the windows, all broken and covered in neon-colored spray paint.. ya know the typical teenage evidence. Luke climbs in one of the clearest windows, the coast is clear, so we follow.
The first thing you see is a huge pile of empty beers, liquor bottles, wine bottles, etc.. everything that screams party palace.. cigarette butts, a random sleeping bag, condom wrappers.. This was by far the most disgusting this ever.

So we're walkin' around, laughing and tricking each other into screaming and all that nonsense, and then all the sudden Rebecca isn't there. Luke and I figure she's just fooling around, but she isn't responding when we call her name. Finally we see the glow from her headlamp a few rooms down, and now we're really freaked out because she is within distance enough that she could have heard us to answer.

Luke and I walk into the room and we see Rebecca staring at the ceiling- I kid you not, there is a full blown devil worship circle thing on the ceiling of this room. We still aren't sure to this day if it was blood or red spray paint. But I'm completely serous right now- I saw this. Rebecca was not okay. Luke was about to cry. We had no idea what was about to happen, or what we should think of it.
Here is the part that makes me want to vomit-
Rebecca starts to slowly walk towards the window, aware of what she is doing (we are on the second floor), and so Luke and I follow. We all look at the window and see like five people in the most gothly clothing you'll ever see staring back at us.
All of us said "screw this". We ran the hell out of that hotel, didn't see the five goth kids as we were leaving. But somehow, Rebecca ended up with an assload of red paint or whatever all over her sweatshirt.

THIS WAS THE WORST NIGHT. I was horrified, we weren't okay about it for weeks.

Anyway, moral of my story- demonic stuff, creepy teenagers in devil worshipping outfits. Obviously this place was their "lair" or whatever. They partied there, then would perform whatever spells they believed in once they were in their drunken fearless stupers.



  1. That is so crazy!! I had a similar experience to yours, and I will agree it is no fun when you walk in on something as dark as that. It amazes me that there are really people out there that truly worship satan and conduct rituals and try and summon dark spirits. At least you got out safe!

  2. I use to love exploring abandoned buildings and areas such as this. I've been in a shut down nursing home which left me feeling uneasy while walking through it. I have also been to a place called the game farm which was a collection of abandoned burned down farm houses. While exploring the area, at night of course, we came across markings and signs painted in red that reminded me of both warnings and worship. Even though it was probably harmless it was still a very creepy place to visit.