Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Sell a Pseudo science

This chapter is fantastic, it really is! I instantly thought about doing it as my blog for the fact of so many promises are on television now a days. When you look at commercials and issues with society you have to try and balance the farces from the reality.  The most current thing I can think of aside of Passages Malibu's promise of "I was an addict once, but now I'm not," would be Blue Buffalo pet food.
   The science behind it is so limited and it picks at the surge of "natural" foods that people want. the kick is back to organics and no grains but whole grain. Now think carefully about the diet of an animal, specifically Dogs and cats as that is the primary food supply from the company. They create the Phantom - by establishing vivid appeals like the picture on the bag and in commercials of animals that are in no way your pet. A wild wolf for dogs, and a Lynx for cats. These animals thrive on smaller animals that eat plenty of grains, nuts, fruit, bugs, and plants.  This fact is where the carnivore predator gets the nutrients it doesn't scavenge for from the animals it eats.
     SO, we move on to the Rationalization Trap - The advertising has been so successful it allows those who believe it to further the belief by not offering an alternative. This may sound ridiculous at first, but when was the last time you have seen a commercial advertising they have the right grains in their food? Rare, i'm sure. Well foods like Wellness, Science Diet and even some of the raw foods have grains, including rice, yes Rice is a grain yet Blue buffalo when called and told my dog or cat is sick they recommend putting rice in the food.

   Manufacturing source credibility is established through the word of mouth of natural foods. This kick has already been hitting the human populations they merely ask would you feed something to your dog that you wouldn't eat? Surprise is in order for those who don't eat grains at all... because your body needs the fiber and nutrients from it to survive, so how would the same not be for the pets that have adapted through generations of eating the same domesticated diet dog foods. You then bring in celebrities like many other companies do for HSN and the late night commercials we laugh at. People often assume that they are untouchable individuals due to their fame and hold themselves to honor and integrity. Most of the time its merely the amount of money or additional recognition that can sway them to advertise almost anything.

   Step 4 is establishing a Granfalloon, which through the previous steps is already complete! If we look back we established the speed and reliability of the new ideal being spread and it has become a definition of society to "do the right thing" by going grain free. The commonality of animals getting sick from the diets that
Blue Buffalo and previous foods like it are merely dealt with through keeping the public happy. "Well we are sorry to hear your (animal) is sick and we would like to review the vet bills and see if we can do anything to help and find a balanced diet your pet is best for.

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