Sunday, August 10, 2014

Growing Up In a Haunted House

Do you believe in ghosts? Many people do not until you experience it first hand.

I have always been a believer my whole life and the paranormal seem to love to follow my family around no matter where we go. I lived in a “haunted house” for about five years. My parents love buying old houses and renovating them. This house we moved to was built in the 1800’s. It was said to be part of the Underground Railroad and back in the day it housed soldiers and their children. The house has a lot of history behind it.

So when we first moved into the house it was very eerie. Everything was overgrown and when you walked inside the house, you had this feeling that you didn’t belong there. My father never experienced anything in this house, but my mother, sister, and I all did. When my parents broke the news to me that we were moving there, I was not a happy camper. Before we moved into the house, it used to be a restaurant, so had to redo the whole kitchen. We had a contractor build our kitchen and he would be there by himself usually. The house used to have the swinging doors and one day the contractor heard a noise and looked up and saw a black figure shadow go through the door and the door started swinging. He got freaked out because he knew he was the only person in the house.

A couple days later, my mother and grandmother was in the house late one night painting. All the windows in the house were closed and all of a sudden they heard a little boy laughing. The house sat in the woods and it was after midnight so they knew that it did not come from outside. We did some research on the house and it turns out that a little boy around the age of seven died in the home. So we believe it was him that was laughing. Other people in my family have seen the little boy before, including myself. One night we had a family party and I was standing with my uncle at the bottom of the staircase. Our staircase was a grand staircase, so it wrapped around and went up to the third story. We were both talking and looked up the staircase and saw a little boy just standing there looking down. We both immediately got scared because we had no idea what we just witnessed.

Another incident I had in the “haunted” house was upstairs on the third floor there was a meat closet. Back in the day they would hang the meat on the hooks for it to dry out. So this little closet had hooks all in the wall and it did smelt bad. We kept our valuables and important information in that closet just because it was in a room no one would think to look. So anyway, one day I was leaning into the closet looking for one of my belongings when all of a sudden I feel someone pushing really hard on my back. When I turned around no one was there and I was also the only one in the house. This same exact incident happened to my mother as well. Living in this house also created tension with my family. In this house there were also two different odors. In our dinning room there was an odor that smelt like really bad rotten onions, almost like B.O. in a way and in our living room there was an old woman perfume smell. These odors would just appear randomly and we believe that they are the original owners that built the house back in the 1800s.

We finally moved out of the house because my parents couldn’t afford it anymore. That was definitely the happiest day of my life. To this day I still have occasional nightmares where I am stuck in the house and can’t get out. One night I had a nightmare where I couldn’t get out and I woke up and sat right up in my bed and I looked in my doorway and saw a figure of an old man just staring at me. I got really freaked out and immediately tried to go back to sleep. A week or two later my mother told me that she had a similar nightmare to mine where she woke up and at the edge of her bed saw a figure of an old woman standing there staring at her. We believe that it was the two odors we would smell in our old house.

It was definitely an experience living in that house. In a way I am happy that I got to witness it though because it’s something that some people don’t ever get to experience. The link below I found and thought it was very interesting and it also reminded me of my “haunted” house.



  1. I am not going to lie reading this gave me the chills and I enjoy reading stuff of peoples personal experiences. Your right a lot of people are like that where they dont believe anybody until it happens to them. I am still iffy if I do still because I am one of those people that there has to be a logical answer for everything probably because I am suborn. But I always still enjoy reading stuff like this because it makes more into it.

  2. I agree with you that some people don't believe in ghost until they have an experience. I think some people like me should have an open mind just because you cant see it doesn't mean that its not there. I also grew up in a house that was built in the 1900's i believe by my great grandparents. And there were times where I felt i wasn't alone. I remember my door handle turning when there was know one home. My mom said she would have experiences with lights turning on when know one was home..