Monday, August 4, 2014


Freud held the belief that dreams are the gateway into the unconscious mind.  Dreams contain secret messages and meanings.  In the 2010 film, Inception, a group of thieves attempted to plant an idea into the mind of a young CEO through his dreams.  They tried to cause the young CEO to come up with an idea that was not his own, and with experiences that he had never experienced himself.  This reminded me of the “Florence False Interpretation” study.  Using this method, a therapist can cause someone to believe that they have experienced something they have never really experienced, all through the use of dream analysis. 
Another concept in this film is "limbo".  In the film, limbo was depicted to be a state of not knowing.  The characters in the film never knew if they were functioning in limbo or the “real” world, which caused some of the characters a great deal of confusion, anxiety, and trouble.  Limbo is said to be the point between heaven and hell.  It is the spiritual or physical state in which one waits for some conclusion or resolution.  
My own personal religious beliefs sway me away from the concept of there being a hell, but I do believe in purgatory, which is basically an 11 month period of limbo.  It is hard for me to imagine being in that state of mind or being.

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