Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bloody Mary

One legend that almost everybody knows is about Bloody Mary. It's one of those tales that you would do at sleepovers with your friends to see who's brave and who's not. The story is that you're supposed to go into a dark room late at night with all the lights off and a candle. Stand in front the mirror, spin and chant slowly "Bloody Mary" three times. After you're done you are to stare in the mirror and are supposed to see the pale face and glowing red eyes of Bloody Mary right back at you.

It has been said that after standing in a dark room for a long time you begin to experience sensory deprivation, causing one to believe they see a face in the mirror. Sensory deprivation causes our brains facial recognition system to trick you. Facial features begin to disappear, or melt, while other hallucinations may appear. This is what caused people to believe they were actually seeing anothers face in the mirror.

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  1. I got to say the tales of bloody mary scared me as a kid so did candy man. I use to have nightmares as a kid. It was my imagination I know that now but it was weird because my parents said I was never scared of stuff like that. When I think about now the only time I was scared was right before bed I thought I would see stuff and sleep deprivation I guess kicked in.