Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flying Rods- Paranormal Phenomena? Or just a moth...

Alright so back in high school my father and I had this tradition of watching the discovery channel at night before bed. We came across this one documentary that was completely HILARIOUS. It was about a Paranormal Phenomena called- Flying Rods.
Flying rods are flying linear anomalies that are only seen when caught on video.
They look like this:

The funny thing is, this documentary was using different films that have different types of evidence.. meaning different looking rods- some with more prongs, some that are thicker, some that are different colored, etc.
The entire idea of flying rods was completely preposterous to my father and I, because the camera shots were from nature scenes out in the woods, and then they would speed up the filming. Obviously this would cause a moth that was flying through the filming area to appear as a flying "rod" because it's wing beat and patterns are sped up to form the appearance of a stick with wings.

The paranormal aspect of these flying rods is simply as follows:
(A direct quote from http://www.assap.ac.uk/newsite/articles/Flying%20rods.html) "Some people believe they are cryptozoological and represent a previously undiscovered form of life, maybe even of alien origin. Others think they are paranormal, perhaps related to orbs. However, many people think they are actually insects (or bugs) caught in the act of flying."

I find this to be hilarious!! Anyone who wants to watch short video, or the entire documentary, click the following links!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-dOLGc6JXs (shorter version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=970tu1b10oI (full documentary, 43:00min)

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