Monday, August 4, 2014

Hanover House

On August 2nd 2014, on the Animal Planet Television channel an episode was played called the "Hanover House". This house is located in York, Pennsylvania in a town called Hanover. I thought this was interesting because of how close it was to New Jersey. In 2010 Deanna Simpson was on the market for a new home and her husband Tom was tipped off that there was a small but well maintained house for a steal of a price in Hanover. The couple immediately fell in love with the house and purchased it. Shortly after Deanna, Tom and their daughter moved into the house strange occurrences began. Mounted elk heads on the wall would mysteriously fall or vanish for days at a time, a hooded cloaked figure would appear in the basement, orbs could be recorded, and dismembered voices were heard constantly. Steve McNaughton founder of Paranormal and Environmental Explanations from Research (PEER) has been investigating the case for years. He was called in to conduct research in the home and after ample evidence gathered he called for a priest and demonologist to come in to bless and cleanse the home. The Simpson's still have ghostly encounters but nothing like they used to experience, Deanna Simpson said "We are finally at ease".  

- This is a youtube link to a news report on the house, where a cameraman was physically attacked and the cloaked figure made an appearance. Whether you believe it or not its pretty compelling stuff!!

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