Monday, August 4, 2014

Have you lived other lives?

We have all been there, we have all wondered if we have lived past lives and if so what did our past lives look like? What did we do? How did we die? Where did we live? We have all heard stories about someone who has recalled their past lives and can tell everyone about it but are they making all of that up? How can we be sure that they aren't lying? After many studies and tests scientists are coming to the conclusion that living a past life is very unlikely. Most of the tests come to the conclusion that these past lives come from a very creative mind. On chapter six Experimental Creation of Past-Life Personalities there is a  study with two different groups of people, one group was told that past lives were fantasies and no were given no scientific proof of post lives. The second group was given information that suggested that past lives were scientifically proven and were told that past lives were real people. The first group which was told that past lives were fantasies were not able to construct a past life but those who were told that past lives were scientifically proven were able to construct very fictional past lives. This test showed that its what you believe in and the information you receive that will determine wether you believe or come up with a past life. In many cases it has been children that have come up with past life stories, but can we trust a child? On the other hand how can children that have never been told about past lives be able to create such vivid past lives? Even with older people who believe they have experienced past lives how can we say that they are lying? We cannot hold ourself to the account that past lives aren't real because many people have come forward and have talked about living other lives. We cannot just ignore these people. I found a video that showed a little girl talking about a past life she had and like i stated before it is hard to believe a kid because they do have really vivid imaginations. It is nearly impossible to ignore this video because although there are some gaps in this little girls story, there are some good details that were able to be used for more information. Wether we believe in past lives or not it is something so amazing that i think we should all give it a chance. To be able to say you have lived a past life would be amazing!

This is the video if the little girl talking about her past life!



  1. Paulina, this is a very fascinating topic to discuss. I feel like many people have wondered at some point about past lives. In fact, I was just recently having a conversation with my dad about this after his mom passed away. If someone hadn't believed in past lives at all before, the video you shared of the little girl Nicola is very compelling. I have to be honest, I really believe her story. She knew details at such a young age that she couldn't have possibly found out otherwise. Great video, thanks for sharing it!

  2. I have wondered the same thing time to time. Have we ever? I thought the video was interesting and it made me think about the movie Heaven Is Real. I thought is was interesting because how do young young kids no so much details about things.