Saturday, August 9, 2014

Predicting the future

Can people really predict the future? Fortune tellers really predict someones life? There is nothing to physically support it though right? Just luck reading somebody it seems to me. But its kind of weird just from past experiences with me. I never got my future told or anything but past girls i was with did.

I was deployed in the marines and my ex got her future read. Lady said to her that your loved was in the military and deployed. She was right i was but how she know that? didn't fill out anything and wasn't wearing anything that was military. So how did she know that about her. She was wrong at the end because she is my ex and said we were going to live a happy life hahaha didn't work thank god. My wife now seen one and at the time we were together on and off through high school and had a falling out didn't talk for two years. She seen one and same thing happen to her and so far this future teller was right. She said the person your with is not going last and then your high school sweet heart is going to come back and your love will last forever. Well we are married now so how weird is that.

Nostradamus is known for the greatest predictions. Hurricane Katrina, Twin towers, WW2, and the death of the Kennedy brothers. Weird right how he predicted this stuff from the 1500's. So how can someone predict the future like that? The link below has Nostradamus top ten predictions and actually what happen and how he worded it would happen.

What are other peoples thoughts on this like is it real that someone can actually predict the future or is it just luck?

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  1. In my opinion I believe that there are actually "real" fortune tellers and then there are "fake" ones. I love this kind of stuff so I decided to go and get my fortune read. The women I went to though wasn't a "real" one. Some of the information she told me was correct and the other information was wrong. But then my mom went with her friend to get their fortune read and this women was spot on. My mom was getting freaked out with the information the fortune teller was telling her because it was 100 percent correct. I think it all comes down to whether or not if you believe and also the fortune teller too. It's really freaky how Nostradamus predicted all those things and how they came true. Like how did he even know? I think it's a gift that you are born with...just like how some people are gifted with contacting the supernatural. But overall, I believe that there are really "real" fortune tellers out there. I really enjoyed reading your post!