Friday, August 1, 2014

Dreams and real life experiences

So i have always kinda wondered what certain dreams have meant and why i could not remember some of my dreams. It was interesting to find out that the different dreams have many different explanations and reasons for why the dreams occurred. Of course dreams are a reflection of what happens in your day to day life but it suggests more than you would think.

I bring up dreams because i have been having this one dream lately that i have been flying around the world seeing Europe, South America, and just some pretty cool things and i wondered why i was having this dream so i decided to look it up on the Dream Moods website and see what it had to say about it. Dreams about flying could mean multiple things such as freedom, escape, looking at something in your life in a broader perspective and a lot more. It's cool to see what the dreams mean and how they come about.


  1. It's interesting that the section in the book regards dream interpretation as pseudoscience yet many psychologists still practice it clinically.

    A personal example is during a stressful time I was going through I had reoccurring dreams of my teeth falling out. Sounds bizarre (and kinda gross), right? At the time I thought it was strange so I looked it up in a book on dream interpretation by a psychologist. The book claimed that this type of dream was indicative of stress in one's life - it said something else about 'looking within yourself to fix your problems' or some other nonsense.

    For this reason I don't rule out dream interpretation as complete falsity. If I kept having dreams about something as weird as my teeth falling out and the reason for the reoccurring dream matched up with my own experience (stress), I do believe there is some truth to it. Perhaps not something to be taken literally, but something to consider.

  2. Its so weird to think that our dreams actually do have meanings and that our everyday lives and emotions can greatly effect what we may dream about. I had never thought to much about my dreams or what they possibly meant until I took a psychology class about 4 years ago.

  3. Its funny how our daily stresses and moods can influence what we dream, in both a positive and negative way. If something is really bothering me during the day I know that at some point during my sleep it will be recalled. Many times distorted yet still focused on what I was really feeling.