Sunday, August 10, 2014

Carranza Monument: Haunted or Not?

I grew up in a town called Medford so it was literally about a half hour drive not even to the Pine Barrens. In high school the fun thing to do at night was to go off-roading in the pines. There’s this road called Carranza Road that sits right in the Pine Barrens. When you drive down this road you pass a monument.

The monument is for a captain whose name was Emilio Carranza. Emilio was a noted Mexican aviator and national hero, nicknamed the “Lindbergh of Mexico.” In the summer of 1928, he was returning back to Mexico City after flying over to the United States.  While returning to Mexico City, he took of after dark during a break in thunderstorms. While he was flying over the Pine Barrens his plane unfortunately crashed into the woods. The following day his body was discovered.

So the legend goes that if you park your car at the gate, flash the headlights on the memorial three times and yell “Emilio” out the window, you will see his plane. From reading what people post on the Internet about trying this out, some people swore to have seen the lights from the plane.

One night my friends and I decided to try this local lore out. We left at about eleven at night. Driving down this road at night was very eerie. I mean driving anywhere in the pines at night is eerie. When we got to the monument I got the chills. It was a very creepy feeling. We flashed our headlights on the memorial and screamed “Emilio” out the window. We waited a couple of minutes but unfortunately nothing happened. We were all a little disappointed. We decided to head home. We want to try it again to see if anything will happen this time. You can read more about Carranza Monument on Weird NJ’s website.

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