Monday, August 4, 2014

A Ghost Story

I'll join the haunted story train with everyone!

This is a decent site I found that has some haunted places to go to in New Jersey, if you're into that sort of thing like some of my friends and I are.

One of the places where some of my friends have had paranormal, haunting, ghost experiences is not listed on this site.  There is a house in Woodstown, NJ, where people frequently see a ghost.  On the website I listed, there is another haunted place is Woodstown that is mentioned, but it's different than the one I'm referring to.  Anyway, this house used to be a place where soldiers during the Civil War could come to get a hot meal.  My friend, who's from Woodstown, told me the story of the house, and how it was pretty much a drive through back then.  Soldiers could go up to one of the side windows of the house and get a free, hot meal.  I'm not sure how accurate the story is because I've never actually looked into it.  At some point during the war, a man was hanged on one of the large trees on the side of the house.  Apparently if you go by at night time and quickly glance by the tree, you can see the man swinging from the rope.  I've never experienced this myself or tried to honestly, but three of my friends have while I've been in the car with them.  My friend who lives just up the street has seen it multiple times, and two of our other friends from school saw it when we've driven by there at night.  For whatever reason, if you stare at the tree where the man is supposed to be, you can't see him; it's only when you glance quickly.

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  1. I love hearing about ghost stories because I definitely believe in this kind of stuff. The link you posted is really cool how it shows all the different towns and what is haunted there. I will have to check some of them out. The only one that stood out to me on that link is the one in Tabernacle which is Carranza Road. I live about 15 minutes away from Carranza Road and I experienced some "hauntings" there late at night. But the house you guys went to in Woodstown sounds very interesting. It definitely sounds like it has a lot of history behind it. That is crazy that your friends have witnessed it. I would be a little scared but it would be an experience. Thanks for sharing your ghost story! Now I have somewhere else to add to my list.