Thursday, August 7, 2014

Atco Ghost

I remember back to about my junior year in high school when I finally got my license there were so many places I wanted to go. One of the places that I wanted to try out, was to see if the Atco Ghost was real. Story is that a little boy was playing with a ball out in his yard on Burnt Mill Road when his ball went out into the street. He chased after the ball and he got hit and killed by a speeding car who took off and the driver was never caught. I remember my friends and I going to see if this ghost was actually real.

So we left late at night and go there at midnight to see and did exactly as we were supposed to do to see the ghost. You're supposed to park three telephone poles away from his house facing the entrance of the street, sound the horn three times and flash your lights three times and wait. So we did exactly that and waited, after a few minutes my one friend and I got out of the car, while my other friend waited in the driver seat, to see if we could see anything. We walked down the road a little bit and turned around to look back at the car. When I looked back at the car I could have sworn that when I looked into the back seat, I could faintly see somebody sitting there behind my friend. Was it actually the ghost or were my eyes deceiving me to make me believe something that I wanted to believe? Still to this day I am not sure.


  1. Jeff, very interesting story! I live near Atco, and I've heard of the Atco ghost too. I've never gone but I always wanted to when I was in high school also. It's funny how many stories you can hear, but you never know how true they are. It's really exciting that you were able to experience this.

  2. I haven't heard of the Atco ghost and I live right by there! I went through Browns Mills area numerous times, look up the Mount Misery haunting and the Ongs Hat Road stories on Weird NJ. Nothing has ever come up for me.. they say Ongs Hat can lead to you another dimension... it lead me to get an SUV stuck in the woods. Mount Misery is worth the tour though, there are some creepy stories and landmarks still left!

  3. That's a very interesting story! I live right by Atco and have never heard of the Atco ghost before. I love hearing ghost stories from people. That's awesome that you got to experience it. You probably did see the little boy! But interesting post Jeff. I really enjoyed learning about another ghost. I'll have to check it out one night!