Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ghost stories and is it real

Are ghost real? I am skeptical about everything and not sure if I believe in it or not. There has to be an answer for the hauntings of ghost or even the stuff that happens to people. There is movies about ghost and TV shows. Is it something that we believe in because of old folk tails and we just imagine hings and think they are real? Some our based on true stories.

The movie Conjuring was based on a true story. Ghost hunters that went around and spoke at colleges and investigate supernatural things. Below is actually Ed and Lorraine Warren from the movie that it is based on. These are not the actors that played them.
  The family that Ed and Lorraine help had five daughters in this farm house. The link below has a little trailor of the movie and an interview with the oldest daughter. Some people say that they are just really good at telling stories what happen? So something like this I guess depends on the person if they believe this. But this is just one example of something thats true but really no evidence that it happen.

Then there is TV shows that shows every step they do but is this real? I watch some of the shows and I don't by it at all because you never see anything. Them freaking out. You have Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventure, and more. Ghost hunters go to places that are haunted and spread their teams out and investigate what happens. They intend to rule out certain things but obvious things like what makes a sound and if your oven turns on and stuff. My oven use to turn on by itself randomly but it just needed to be fix then it never happened again. People see certain images in the dark and they are scared and put things in there head and see things. I go hunting alot and I'm in the woods in the dark and my eyes play tricks on me all the time. The way the human sees a certain shadow in certain lighting and you don't know what it is but your brain compares it to what your eyes see to something you see before. They use cameras to catch movements and stuff in the dark. I use cameras like that for scouting and the smallest thing can set them off because the sensors are sensitive. Half the pictures is nothing because alittle bug can set them off that you wont even see in the picture. Believing ghost is just something that you can't believe until you get hard evidence to show it is real other than that its just old folks tales that make people believe it.

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