Monday, August 11, 2014

My Paranormal experience in Afghanistan

One last story I want to do before the class is over. It was about an experience I had in afghanistan. I was a Marine in the infantry from 2009-2013. I did two deployments. My first in afghanistan and secon in yemen when all the riots broke out in the middle east. A lot of marines, soldiers, and sailors could tell you stories of wierd things happening them on deployment. Like gost stories you will here and alot of the stories are the same.

Are the weird stuff that happens to us on deployments or old barracks real? For me i had unexplainable things happen to me. We were in afghanistan and I my squad just set up this patrol base. It was probably around 1 am at night when the only people are up S.O.G.,  two other post, radio man, and me that were up. So only 5 people up and the other 17 guys were sleeping. Now the post I was standing at there is an Afgan cemetery on my left people sleeping on my right and a huge field in front of me with nothing in it. You can see a dog crossing the field at night thats how clear it is and no blind spots. Well I was standing looking out in front me and had a rock hit right in front me. I looked through night vision and my naked eye and seen nothing. Ok I thought to my self and looked out the left window towards the cemetery and another rock hit from that direction where I was looking. This point Im kinda freaked out. This happen right after my team leader died. So I was freaked out and nothing to rule out what through rocks at me because noone was there.

This is another story at an old navy barracks. My wife is in the navy and we were laying in bed at her room. The TV is on and we were wide awake. Then a beer pong ball comes rolling out. We looked at each other and I got up and then nothing was there. The Ping pong balls were in a cup. So How did they get out roll from the counter and turn perfectly in to where the bed was at? Freaky right. No drafts, no fan, and the window was closed. I tried finding a reason but can't rule out anything besides me freaked out.

I figured I would share this because it is weird and could relate to the class to paranormal activity. I tried ruling out everything I could to these weird experiences. But then again there is only my word like every ghost story.Hope everyone had a good class and summer and enjoyed this story.

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  1. Hi I had a similar experience happen to me when the guy I was dating suddenly died his sleep at 25 from a heart attack. It was the night before his funeral and I was watching TV and the channel changed by itself. I know it wasn't me or the TV because it hasn't happened before and it hasn't happened again. It wasn't the remote because the remote was on the night stand and I was know where near it. Then the pull chain for the ceiling fan slammed against the light. I believe that was him saying his last good bye!!