Monday, August 4, 2014

Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

It is commonly believed that the more sugar that a child consumes, that they will than become more hyper due to all the sugar. An empirical research was done that proved that sugar consumption by children has no effect on their behavior. Yes obviously too much sugar consumption is not healthy for your body, but this study that was done shows that it does not effect hyperactivity in kids.

During these diet studies, the children, parents, and researchers never knew which children were given which diet, also known as a double-blind study to help prevent biased opinions. The results of this study was published on November 22, 1995 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The conclusions were that sugar in children's diet did not affect their behavior, but the authors did say that the study didn't rule out completely that sugar might have a small effect in some children.

I think that more studies should be done on this topic to see if this is true. This study was done almost two decades ago and now with greater technology and scientific advancements, I believe that they would be able to get a more accurate answer rather than just saying "the study didn't rule out completely that sugar might have a small effect on some children" because that, to me, seems like they are uncertain with their results.


  1. I honestly didn't know the truth about sugar having no effect on children's behavior before reading the book chapters in this class. I remember growing up not being allowed sugary foods because 'they'll make you hyper' - not to mention how deeply this myth is ingrained in the media. I'm sure everyone has seen at least one movie/commercial/TV show about kids being given candy and then bouncing off the walls.

    I liked this part of the book especially because I'd never assumed that rumor is false, especially since I've never experience a 'sugar high' myself; as a child and an adult.

  2. I also did not know that sugar has no effect on children's behavior until I read this chapter. As a kid, my sugar intake was always regulated because my parents didn't want me "wired". A little boy I babysit has ADHD and his parents heavily regulate the amount of sugar he consumes. I wonder if sugar intake impacts children and adults with ADHD or ADD more than children and adults without ADHD or ADD.