Monday, August 4, 2014

Ed & Lorraine Warren- A lifetime of battling evil

Recently I finished reading the book "Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed & Lorraine Warren". I have heard of these two paranormal investigators, but never really researched to far into their careers. It turns out that these were the two lead investigators on the "Amittyville Horror", the case that inspired the movie "The Conjuring", and the case that inspired the movie "A Haunting in Connecticut". Those are just to mention a few, this couple have literally investigated thousands of hauntings and demonic cases since the 1970s. Ed Warren is a world renowned Demonologist and the only civilian that is recognized as an official exorcist. Lorraine Warren is a highly sensitive clairvoyant with the ability to see and feel spirits. The thing that really stands out to me is that in this book Ed will explain things out, sometimes at length but you need to, so you can understand the full spectrum of things these two deal with constantly. Demons or spirits would follow them home sometimes, terrorize their home or children, and sometimes would attack Ed or Lorraine. A main point they drive home in the book is energy, both positive and negative. Spirits, in particular demons according to Ed feed off of negative energy in a home, and look for an opportunity to enter a victims life. The most common way to "invite" these beings into your life is the use of a ouija board. I cannot even count how many cases the Warrens investigated that began with the use of a ouija board, it opens a doorway and invites the demon in to feed off of the negative energy in the house. Other instances the negative entity will latch onto an object, it could be anything from a mirror to a doll. One of the most amazing stories the Warrens investigated was a case where an extremely powerful and malevolent entity latched onto a mirror, the owner using a dark conjuring book would literally summon the demon to the mirror and he could literally see future events! He would manipulate his life with knowledge of the future, and eventually the demon started to terrorize the man because he was taking advantage of this tremendous power, the man invited the entity into his life and the man eventually committed suicide while the Warrens were trying to combat the evil force terrorizing him. Another case, depicted in the movie "The Conjuring" which was released this past year, is the story of Annabelle, a porcelain doll that actually was animated by a demon and terrorized its owners. The doll would literally move around form room to room, scratch walls and write horrible things on them, and actually attacked the owners boyfriend while they were sleeping. These last two examples I just explained sound absolutely insane right? I implore you to check out this book, I have put a link to for the book, if you are truly interested in this field it really is a must read. Ed's extensive knowledge into the demonic will fascinate and shock you, and it is almost hard to not believe in the things he has seen and dealt with. - "The Conjuring" Trailer

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  1. I remember watching The Conjuring for the first time a few months ago and became interested in both Ed and Lorraine and why they became demonologists. I understand why they wanted to help people, its just crazy to think that they were okay with possibly having these spirits follow them back to their house and terrorize them there. When watching The Conjuring and seeing basically their trophy room with all the different things that entities had latched onto, I had wondered why the hell somebody would even want that stuff in there house. I guess its just something we will never understand because we aren't trained as they are.