Monday, August 11, 2014

Weather and climate and the body and maind

I'm sure everyone has had a person say something like I have arthritis, trust me its going to rain, or after its already raining say I've felt it coming all week.  Truth be told these conclusions are often conditioned responses through hydration, barometric pressure, and possibly even a neurosis that has been established through extreme belief.  I have Carpal tunnel, degenerative disks and joints as well as aches and pains that i don't really know what are causing them, and not once has a doctor looked at me and said, be careful I hear its going to rain so you may feel additional discomfort. Who do I always hear it from? The gullible friend.

Can't even count the amount of times I have heard or simply said watch out its a full moon the crazies are out.  I have yet to find research that can correlate any mental issues being more or less present due to the moon being full, well aside from those whom believe themselves to be werewolves.

I asked my physician who helps keep my pain minimal for my back and hands, and the only correlation I can truly say I believe as truth is noticeable changes in temperature.   As the body chills or becomes colder muscles are more likely to tense or spasm as a way to conserve or create heat, and as the body is warmed the muscles are likely to relax. Which is why you put ice on a swollen area and heat on a spasm or ache unless told otherwise.

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  1. I actually had a co worker who complained she had a migraine for days and said the only way it would go away when it rained. On the other hand I tend to get a headache when its dark and gloomy for days. Also when its cold outside my back and neck will start to hurt.