Saturday, August 9, 2014

Believing in fake stuff

Why do we believe in superstitions? Is there any evidence that make superstitions real or urban ledges real? We still do things certain ways because we are suppose to believe it makes us better or makes everything safer.

Honestly the only evidence is quiescence that happen like on friday the 13. Another one if the groom sees the bride or if you take off your engagement ring its bad luck. Even the jersey devil. I heard so many stories about this i honestly don't know the real story. The witch hangings in Massachusetts is another thing that people believed in and killed people actually. Athletes do stuff certain ways because its good luck. pray before a game, wear certain socks for a game, or tap a sign leaving a locker room before a big game. I guess it is all about a person's beliefs and type of person.

People believe superstitions because how they were taught, raised, and beliefs in religion. The link below actually has research answers and from the NY Times. Talks about why people believe certain things like knocking on wood and and people that don't because they over think certain things like I never been in an accident then thats all they think about and jinx them selfs. I'm not going to lie sometimes I do the knocking on wood just to make my self feel better about a situation or something wont happen to me. Another example i had a necklace in afghanistan that was the virgin Mary. It was giving to me my by my neighbor and all the people that wore it in her family came back safe through different wars. The only time I didn't where it because it broke and i didn't have time to fix it my buddy got his legs blown off. So I beat my self up for it. So I know I believe things for comfort and so I know other people do it to.

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  1. I believe in superstitions. I always do the knocking on wood one also just because my mom always does it, so I grew up to it. In my opinion I believe people believe in superstitions is like what you said, how they were raised, beliefs, or taught. It's really interesting hearing different stories of what people believe in and what they do. I always like listening to what athletes do. I knew a person that every time before his football team played on television, he would have to sit on the right side of the couch, no one else was aloud to touch the remote, he wore the same socks, and the same jersey. He believed if he did this then his team would have a better chance of winning the game. I really enjoyed reading the link you posted below. It was interesting to read about. I enjoyed reading about the knocking on the wood one just because I always do it myself.