Monday, August 3, 2020

What if We Could Use More Than 10% of Our Brain?

This topic intrigued me the most out of all. I watched the film Lucy not too long ago, so when I saw we were discussing it in this class, I was excited. In all honesty, I think it would be dangerous if we could use more than 10%. Although movies are very dramatic, there are some things that could be true. This may sound crazy but where I am from we say that the "crackheads" or people who are always high on the streets, have superpowers. There are videos across the internet, including the one below, where people who have injected drugs and became extremely strong. They even have such high adrenaline that they do not feel pain for a long time. This is similar to Lucy because she had a bag of drugs in her stomach and that is how she gained access to more of her brain. So, this brings the question that maybe people who are high or seem delusional when on drugs, are using more of their brain than us ten-percenters? It is possible that we think they are crazy only because we are not at their brain capacity. It is definitely something worth thinking about.


  1. This is a very interesting post Josh! In my opinion, I can envy these people on drugs who may be accessing more of their brain, but also feel sorry for them knowing how these drugs will impact their brains after the fact. If I had the option I would not try to access more of my brain in this manner, due to the many risks!

  2. I definitely feel it could be very dangerous to access 100% of my brain, and if those who were taking drugs were accessing those parts, it can be observed that they do not know how to handle that mental ability either. I think if I were presented with the option to utilize more brain power, I would not take. I think it would be too powerful and if we could preform some superhuman task like predicting the foreseeable future it would do way more harm than good.