Monday, August 10, 2020

Post One: Jersey Devil

 The Jersey Devil is something I've grown up hearing stories about my whole life. I've always been scared, growing up in a Puerto Rican household, this was something that older family members scared the young children with so that they listen and behave themselves. The way that Puerto Ricans talked about it was something more scary and I always known the Jersey Devil as the "Chupacabra" but after reading I see they are two different things. Reading more about the Jersey Devil has made me more interested learning more on the topic because it is a lot different than what I was taught about it growing up. I think the story behind it is very interesting because it is so close to home, knowing I live in South Jersey. It creeps you out thinking that there may be something walking around at night or near campus and it keeps you thinking.

Man Claims to Have Photographed Mythical 'New Jersey Devil' From ...

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