Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Alien Abduction

While viewing the lecture slides, I came across a video that really stuck with me. It was about a group of workers in the desert that saw an unrecognizable object and wanted to investigate. Before this class, I was not a huge believer in the alien theory and am still not. However, this particular instance made me second guess my beliefs. The man who went to explore the unknown object seemed really trustworthy to me. It seemed as if he wholeheartedly believed he was abducted by aliens. When he went to check out the supposed "aircraft" his friends and co workers abandoned him. He went missing for days and was found at a completely different location than where the sighting had taken place. But to the man it felt as if it had all happened within the same night. When he reached out to his family from a payphone they told him he had been missing for days. Of course afterwards, skeptics called him a liar and that he hallucinated the whole thing because of drug use. To me this seemed unlikely because the workers he was with had the same exact story he did leading up to the "abduction". In addition, the Sheriff from the town where it took place recalled how shocked and scared the other men were while they were being interviewed. Overall, this video changed the way I look at alien encounters and stopped me from being a complete skeptic. 


  1. I also remember reading and watching the video associated with this, as I believe buzzfeed made a video covering this topic. The most interesting and baffling concept to me was the change in location during that time frame, and how it would've been nearly impossible to get from one location to the next. It was a very interesting video, the series is listed under Buzzfeed unsolved (and they have other cool videos too).

  2. I had basically the same reaction as you did while watching this video. Before watching it, I believed that there is life out there, but I did not believe that there were any real alien encounters with people. While I still am not sure whether to believe this video, I definitely would not automatically dismiss it like I would have before. The man does not seem like the kind of guy who would just make this up.