Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Aliens" (Post #2)

Aliens have always been my conversation starter. I am such a strong believer that there is life out there in space even if it just means bacteria. I think Aliens is something that will catch everyone's attention. I personally believe that Aliens do not look like the way that Hollywood makes them out to look. I know we all remember when they "confirmed" the existence of UFO"s earlier this summer. This really made me think about what else is true. And if any Aliens are held captive out there. The reason why I believe Aliens is such a popular topic is because of the movie that Hollywood produces and also social media. Space is so vast so why wouldn't there be any life out there? 


  1. I am also a strong believer of Aliens, because the universe is huge, and we only have so much knowledge about it. It is highly possible that there are other life forms in the space. On my opinon, Hollywood made Aliens look like a grey object with big head and big eyes, because the CG technology was not good, and a "Grey Alien" costume is easy to make , and easy for the actor to put on.

  2. I also believe that there is other life out there. There is just too much out there that we do not know about. I find it hard to believe that we on Earth are so special that we are the only life. I also agree on how they probably do not look like they do in Hollywood. They could look very similar to us. It also is interesting to think about whether there are any aliens being held captive. I remember when everybody was planning on storming Area 51 thinking they were being held there. I personally don't believe it, but it is interesting to think about.

  3. Aliens have always been super interesting to me too and I also have to agree with you that I am a strong believer there has to be some kind of other life somewhere in space, due to how big it is. Hollywood, the news, and social media sometimes does not positively impact the history of/searching for aliens. I believe that they cause more fake news and allegations against aliens.