Monday, August 3, 2020

Post 2- Psychics in Law Enforcement

Learning about the use of psychics in law enforcement was very interesting to me. I had very little knowledge that psychics are often used to help aid in an investigation. It's interesting to me because it sounds like they are usually used as a last resort once all other leads have come to a hault. However, a psychics word is simply not enough evidence to convict someone of a crime, so it'd be interesting to learn more about how that plays out in court. You also have to think and wonder about the different factors that go along with using a psychic in an investigation like how reliable is their information? Should law enforcement go on a wild goose chase and base their entire case around a vague image that a psychic claims to have? Plus since every vision is most likely to be vauge and generalized, its hard to interperet the information. For example, if a psychic claims they see a windmill, it might not literally be a windmill, it could be a toy or mini golf prop or words/images on a sign. Thus, I feel as this could hinder a lot of investigations because they could be guiding detectives in the wrong direction. However, this is all my own personal speculation and which is why learning about Norman Renier and the Charles Capel case was surprising to me. I do know that there was an entire TV show dedicated to psychics in law enforcement called "Psych" and was a great show, just never thought it was real tactic used by police and question the credability of it all. 
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  1. I thought the same thing, but I do not think it goes to the extent of court and convictions. It is similar to getting a tip from someone on the phone for a case. They are not going to drop everything and go investigate the tip. If it is convincing and could potentially give the detectives a lead, they may seek more information. But, like you said it is questionable and I do not think detectives are going on a wild goose chase.