Sunday, August 9, 2020

Carl Sagan's 'The Demon Haunted World' Book Report

The 'Demon Haunted World' is a book written by Carl Sagan who tries to explain the science behind the meaning of the universe. People see something once or twice and assume something from it instead of finding the actual explanation. Sagan gives the science to help explain these extraterrestrial claims. He breaks down many claims chapter by chapter and explains why things may be the way they are. Sagan describes in the book many other important people in science that were also independent thinkers that allowed for people to explore new possibilities. That's the reason for science becoming so important in our society. It brings new technology and ideas of improvement and the possibility of going to another planet earth or understanding why extraterrestrial beings would be around us today.

The book's name is a metaphor of the persuasions that the world has on our minds. All of the chapters were named something that caught the attention of the reader. They were events or titles of things all humans have heard of. He explains throughout the novel that some topics can be controversial topics. The conspiracies of these chapters make Sagan go to the science behind everything. Sagan doesn't know all the answers to everything that happens, but he want to let the readers realize that there could be a reason for everything that happens. The different conspiracies that took place in the past and still make people wonder what happen is what makes Sagan get into his work so much. This book was very interesting and made you question what you truly thought about different things.

The most interesting chapter in my opinion would have to be chapter 5, Spoofing and Secrecy. This chapter talks about the UFO sightings that accrued over the mid 1900s in the United States. Sagan explains that if there were a sighting of any type of UFO, it could have been the Soviets spying on the US Military. Are these the truth, or is it a cover up? Even Sagan says that the government could be hiding something from its citizens. The chapter mostly talks about sightings during the Cold War. So what about the sighting that people have witnessed now? I've personally have seen things in the sky that cant be explained. There are some things can be explained and other that could just be the government covering something up. Even thinking slowly and trying to understand what one could have seen is hard. One may think they have seen something and our brains will tell us otherwise. This chapter is very interesting and makes you wonder whether or not there is something else out there. Are we the only ones in our universe, or is it other countries spying on us?

This book really makes you rethink about what you thought you knew. Science is about slow thinking and finding the truth of what's behind something and Sagan tries to do that with every chapter. He explains why demons could be around, to the UFO sightings in the US. Sagan debunks the conspiracies about extraterrestrial claims.

Here is a youtube video I found before reading the book. This is what made me want to read this book over others.

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