Monday, August 3, 2020

Post #1: Chupacabras

I must start off saying, I did not think this class would discuss chupacabras. Growing up in a Spanish household, my grandparents would tell stories about the chupacabras to scare us. I compare it to some kids thinking there is a monster in their closet. Well, I though the chupacabras were in my room. My grandparents live on a farm in Honduras and every time I came to visit, they would tell my brothers and I that the chupacabras would eat us if we went outside at night. Some people in my parents' hometown still believe they are real, but I have grown to think they are a figment of my imagination. I must say though, the photos are very similar to what I had imagined they would look like. 


  1. I come from a Hispanic household as well. These stories have always been used to scare us children into behaving just like the Cucuy!

  2. I didn't know what is chupacabras before this class, because I grew up in Hong Kong, but we have a monster just like chupacabras. I don't know what its name, but it is a rat like creature with wing and red feet. It also kill and suck out blood from livestock.