Monday, August 3, 2020

Post 1-OBE

The idea of out of body experience has always been something that is intriguing to me. I am a believer that a person's soul is sperate from their body and that OBE's are evidence of this idea. When peope claim to have an OBE it typically coincides with sleeping or near death experiences which is why I think that it's evidence of the soul and body being seperate. Many people also claim that they experience this from hallucinogen drugs too, however, I think that when people expiernce it here it's more likely a hallucination as opposed to an actual OBE. Scientifically, it's nearly impossible to verify whether these OBE that people claim to have actually happen or if it's their brain making them think this. This is because OBE's usually happen spontaneously and that it's only documented by word of mouth, there's not way to truly know whether OBE's actually exist. After watching the video with Derren Brown it's easy to see how the brain can trick you into thinking you are having an OBE when really you're not. 

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