Monday, August 3, 2020

Post 3- Learning Styles

As a teacher in the making, I've always learned about how each student has a different way that they learn best. Even going through school myself I've taken many different learning style tests to help me and my teacher understand what type of learning style works best for me. I think it's an important thing to understand if you plan to be in education which is why I was surprised when I got to this lecture. After further research it was interesting to see the reaserch provided by 5 different studies (Tarver and Dawson, Jenkins and Arter, Kampwirth and Bates, Kavale and Forness, and Snider) confirmed that there was little to no academic improvement in students who were matched by their modality strenghts. I always was a visual learner, and know that I can attain information better when its from a video or written on the board. But now I question whether it actually bennefited my learning in any way or if it simply easier for me to retain information that way. It appears that instead of trying to match a child to a learning style, it would be more beneficial to provide a little of all the different methods as students will have a learning preference which can help promote academic success, but to focus solely on a child's learning style will not be beneficial for their education. 

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