Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Jersey Devil" (post #1)

     I was excited when I saw this was one of our lectures. Folklore was always something that made me excited. Especially the story about the Jersey Devil. A few years back when I was 15, my father took me to the place where the Jersey Devil has been spotted. We went after the sun had set to make the experience a little more fascinating. A part of me knew that I was not going to see anything that night but another part of me had her fingers crossed. Sadly I didn't encounter anything. The whole idea of a woman giving birth to a creature that has a head of a horse and wings like a bat is absurd to me. I feel as if people have mistaken objects or animals to be the Jersey Devil. It is so easy for the human eye to get tricked. 

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  1. One of my field trips in elementary school was to go to the pine barrens and learn about New Jerseys nature. Little did I know that there was a replica of the Jersey Devils House. Of course it was not real but it still was a fun experience I will never forget. Part of me too wanted to see something.