Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aliens (Post #3)

The question, "Do you believe in aliens?" has been said to everyone at least once in their lifetime. According to New York Post, around half of the humans on Earth believe that aliens exist, while the other half does not. Personally, I believe they do exist. Assuming that space is constantly expanding, there is and will be an infinite amount of space, meaning that a replica of this world we call Earth isn't too far-fetched. In my opinion, space is way to gigantic for Earth to be the anomaly for life. Another huge misconception among humans is what an alien would look like. I feel as though most people would expect to see a gray or green alien if we ever came into contact. Also, most people really don't think about how an alien could be just any living organism that doesn't come from Earth. Aliens don't have to resemble the shape or form of a human. An alien can look as small as an ant or as big as a whale. This article linked below, describes how some aliens would look depending on their ecosystem and geography!

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  1. Sean, as someone who used to look into astrobiology (life in outer space), it is really interesting to think about the possibility of there really being aliens out there. In fact, one astrophysicist, Frank Drake, created an equation to determine the chance of there being an exoplanet (a planet outside of our solar system) with life on it. Life can come in many forms, but the odds are very low to ever find life beyond simple microbial scale. These aliens, if larger ones exist, could have evolved totally different from us, depending on the composition of their atmosphere and planet. They might not even be carbon based organisms! Here's a link to more information about the Drake Equation, for anyone interested.