Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hypnosis (Post #2)

The action of hypnosis seems to be feared by the general public, simply because most people don't actually know what it is or how it works. Hypnosis is when a person is in a state of consciousness and then lose their power of voluntary action. Making them highly receptive towards outside direction and suggestion. The motive of hypnosis is to find and recover suppressed memories, to heal them. Although, sometimes this directive does not always get achieved. Sometimes therapists can create memories that never happened, due to how overpowering their influence is on their hypnotized client. Therefore, the general public may have the right idea to be frightened by hypnosis.

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  1. Hi Sean, I agree Hypnosis is a crazy thing. The fact that Hypnotized people do not even remember what they were doing during the time being hypnotized is wild. The fact that we can do that to other people is scary.