Thursday, August 6, 2020

Aromatherapy (Post 3)

As someone who uses essential oils and diffusers often, I found it really interesting to read about aromatherapy in our class. I primarily use eucalyptus for any times where my allergies get the best of me, and I use my lavender scent for relaxation and also because I enjoy the smell. I found it a little shocking that individuals use essential oils for things such as wrinkles, depression, and serious illnesses. To me, the eucalyptus provides me relief in my nasal passages that I can genuinely feel, and the lavender is because I associate the scent with relaxing areas like a garden. It makes a lot of sense though, how the benefits of aromatherapy can be generalized so broadly and then individuals find “remedies” with it.


  1. My grandmother uses oils for her health as well. Im not sure what the name of the oil she used, but one time she rubbed my mothers lower back with it to help her with pain while she was pregnant. I also find it crazy that they use these oils for illnesses.

  2. Aromatherapy was one of the most interesting topics. I was unaware of people using them to treat more serious things (depression, wrinkles, and other illnesses) and don’t really find how that could work out. I use a lavender pillow spray when I am going to bed but it’s mainly just for the smell not that I find it to put me to sleep.