Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Jersey Devil

Before this class I had of heard of the Jersey Devil but never really knew exactly what it was supposed to be. My cousin had taken me to a spot in North Jersey where the Jersey devil had reportedly frequented. Although, the spot was eerie we ended up not seeing anything just how I predicted. But now after learning more in this class I feel like less of a skeptic about the jersey devil. To me, the background story seems far fetched even though it is entertaining. The odds of a woman giving birth to a creature with a horse like head and wings like a bat that allowed it to fly out of the chimney seemed unlikely. However, recreated "images" of the jersey devil sparked my attention. Although, the make up of the jersey devil seems like a mystical creature it really intrigued me. Tons of people in my home state really believed in the Jersey Devil which made me think about it in a different way. Perhaps the Jersey devil in itself wasn't real but the energy behind it was. I did some of my own research and some of the accounts of the jersey devil were very farfetched. To me this proved the creature did not exist but the fear behind it did. Perhaps there was an explanation for what the people had been really seeing. This made me think of the Chupacabras we read about that people feared in Puerto Rico. For years people swore that this mysterious creature was responsible for the killing of farm animals. Scientists later discovered that they were not actually chupacabras but abused Xolo dogs. That is what I think of the Jersey Devil, it is not actually the mystical creature, but another animal in disguise that is tricking people.


  1. Personally I had always heard the story of the Jersey Devil but never really knew the origin story, until I had taken this class. I think its very interesting that there's so much history going back on this creature, but I definitely think fear has made the creature into something far less worse than what it is. I definitely agree with your theory as well.

  2. S you guys both stated I agree. I have always heard stories about the Jersey Devil and I was always so curious about it. I wanted to go see for myself just to give my curiosity the satisfaction. I agree that people could have mistaken another creature for the Jersey devil.