Monday, August 10, 2020


     Learning about graphology was very intriguing. I had always noticed a sort of correlation between handwriting and the person. It was mostly more general things, not as in depth as some of the videos we watched. Cursive or print, precise or messy, rounded or straight, different ways of writing individual letters, or those who mixed in uppercase letters. I never even thought to deduce whether or not someone was lonely or ambitious. It was interesting to see the extent to which graphology was both inaccurate and widespread. I'm not saying I think it's a real science, but I had always thought my less particular observations were fairly accurate. 

     In my experience, I always associated more rounded, bubbly writing as being feminine and straighter, pointier chicken scratch with more masculine energy. Messier, bigger handwriting was usually rushed, while smaller, neat print had more time invested into it. Of course, it is very easily to consciously or not change your hand writing in a moment, especially if you know someone is going to be looking at it closely and analyzing it. 

In middle school, I decided I wanted to have nicer, fancier handwriting so I started making myself write in different ways. I added the extra tail on top of my lowercase A's, crosses to my 7's and Z's, reduced the size and speed of my writing. Most of it fell away eventually, as it wasn't natural to me. My writing may have reverted to be large and quick, however, crossing my 7's and Z's stuck and I still do that to this day. 

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