Monday, August 10, 2020

Post #3: Hypnosis and Alien Abductees

     In class, we have learned about how clinicians would use hypnosis to help people recall past events as well as projective tests which help the clinician examine a person’s personality and gather information about their client. Hypnosis has been commonly used for UFO abductees and while the individual is under hypnosis they are able to describe being abducted and what they witnessed. However, we learned that this method can usually be ineffective and does not improve one’s ability to recall events. When the client is hypnotized, they are in a highly suggestive state and clinicians can have a strong influence on their clients so this can cause them to have false memories since the clinician can use suggestive cues and their client will believe that they experienced something that never actually occurred as a result. I personally don’t believe in aliens and UFO’s but I found a video of a hypnotherapist who specializes in alien abductions and UFO’s and she talks about her sessions with clients and what they have experienced. She describes a little bit of what her clients remember and she even talks about how some of them have claimed to have had sexual experiences with extraterrestrials. I find it shocking that people have claimed to have that type of experience with extraterrestrials and I find her opinion on this topic very interesting overall.

Here's the video I found:

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