Thursday, August 6, 2020

Post #3 - Graphology (Lecture 8)

From this lecture, I understood that graphology is a type of analysis that studies different physical characteristics or the study of different patterns of handwriting. Graphology explains that everyone's script has a character of its own. This theory is due to the uniqueness of the writer's personality. Therefore, people believe that graphology can identify personality traits in humans. In my opinion, this is a fascinating lecture! 

I have seen in movies, and TV shows detectives studying someone's handwriting but never really understood it until reading this lecture. I thought it was amazing how someone could figure out who the actual author was by how someone writes. However, I found myself thinking about my handwriting. I feel like depending on the situations, my script is either very sloppy or neat. I see it change all the time. I then thought about graphology being compared to someone's signature. My question would be, how do the forensic graphologists determine who is the authentic writer if the scripts change often? I believe it would be challenging to figure out sometimes. But that is why they are the experts and not me! 

By - Victoria Wolford


  1. Hey Victoria! I personally think that Graphology is only true to a certain point, of whether your handwriting is sloppy or not. My handwriting is often chicken scratch, even more so since I've been typing more than writing (and with a hand injury making my ring finger tendons hurt when writing too long). Identifying someone's handwriting as forensic science is real, and very fun to learn. Way back in elementary school, we had a mock murder investigation and as a part of it we had to compare every teacher's handwriting sample to a note left at the scene of the crime. Probably the most fun I ever had at school! Thanks for the insightful post!

  2. Hi Victoria. I used to believe that Graphology is a real thing and a reliable technic to understand one's personality. I have also seen detectives in movies using graphology to understand the personality of the criminal. I think that why I believed in graphology. I agree with you that the hand writing of someone may change over time. For example, I used to write in print and now I am writing in cursive. So, does it means my personality has changed?

  3. I have also seen graphology used in certain crime TV shows and movies, and it has always blown my mind how it would even be possible to determine anything based on handwriting. I am not sure if I would trust it as being reliable. My own handwriting also seems to be different every time I write. My signature, especially, is completely different every time.