Thursday, August 6, 2020

Out of body Experiences 3rd Post

While viewing the lecture slides I was reading about out of body experiences and how most of them take place in the operating room. This was very interesting to me as I have had two major surgeries within the past year with heavy anesthesia. Although, I did not personally have an out of body experience I believe I had something very similar to or a variation of one . It was after my second brain surgery at Sloane Kettering and I was knocked out for ten hours. When I woke up I had brief memory of being awake during the surgery. This is obviously not possible, but I remember feeling as if I had been awake for some of it. It felt as if some part of my brain stayed awake for a couple seconds and I was creeped out when I first awoke. The surgeons assured me that there was no way I could have been awake during it as I underwent very heavy anesthesia. However, this did not put my mind to ease and to this day I am convinced that I had some type of out of body experience. It's not as if I saw my own body during this experience, but I remember feeling as if I had witnessed some parts of my surgery. To this day, I have not found a clear explanation for this and it still creeps me out sometimes. 

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  1. Part of me wishes I had experienced an OBE. When I had my surgery on my knee, it just felt like I was sleeping and woke up. Your experience is something you could keep sharing and maybe try to find out why you had that memory.