Monday, August 10, 2020

The End of the World

    There was a futurist called KFK, he claimed that he came back to 2019 from 2060. In 2019, he created a post on social media and let people ask him questions. Someone asked him if the Chinese women volleyball team are going to be the champion in the Tokyo Olympics. His answer was "There will be some accidents going to happen in the Tokyo Olympics. " A perfect example of Ambiguous. 

   Then he predicted some more specific prophecies. First, the 2032 Olympics will be hosted by Jakarta. Second, Bitcoin is going to disappear in 2060. Third, there will be no more cancer in 2060. 

   These prophecies have a specific year and event if any of these prophecies go south, we can make sure that this KFK is not a futurist. So let see if this KFK is really a futurist. 

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