Thursday, August 6, 2020

Post #1 - Ways of Thinking (Lecture 1)

During this lecture, it explained the different types of thinkers. We learned about the three different kinds of thinkers and the traits that make them different. These different ways of thinking are labeled the native thinker, the selfish critical thinker, and the fair-minded thinker. In my opinion, I suggest we should all strive to be fair-minded thinkers regarding the world today and the amount of fighting and disagreeing that goes on. People becoming more like fair-minded thinkers would lead this world to have a lot less hate and fight if we all understood and respected one another for the way they think or feel. Respectfully explaining our views and ideas without telling someone they are wrong could be the start of everyone becoming more critical in the way they observe and understand the world today. 

One article I have read over the years gives good examples of the different characteristics of critical thinkers. The report states that critical thinkers think "clearly and rationally." (Patel, 2018). These types of people make logical connections between ideas, and they are crucial to exploring and understanding the world we live in. The article teaches the read that critical thinkers can stay as objective as possible when looking at any information. (Patel, 2018). 

Another interesting point was that the best analytical thinkers are also critical thinkers. It explained that critical thinkers need to assess the information and draw conclusions based on raw data. This characteristic leads them to be called "creative thinkers." (Patel, 2018). Looking deeper into the data, the most significant difference between critical thinkers and creative thinkers is that creativity is associated with generating ideas. In contrast, critical thinking is associated with analyzing and appraising those ideas. (Patel, 2018).

Patel, Deep. 16 Characteristics of Critical Thinkers. 24 Oct. 2018,

By - Victoria Wolford

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