Thursday, August 6, 2020

Post #2 - The Jersey Devil (Lecture 2)

    The story of the Jersey Devil has always interested me ever since I was a child. This New Jersey folklore, which developed from around the 1700s, has developed roughly over 200 witnesses that have claimed to see this creature living in the Pine Barrens woods. Our lecture discusses a story about a woman named Mrs. Leeds, who became pregnant with her 13th child and wanted that child to become the devil. I was told this as a child and how I was told with the story ending with the woman getting her wish and has been lurking around the southern part of New Jersey ever since. Fun fact, the New Jersey's hockey team was named the New Jersey Devils after the famed creature.

    I have just recently watched an X-Files episode where it was all about the Jersey Devil. From what I have learned and what I have watched, I believe that it is fascinating to see the difference in theories and stories. In the episode, detectives Mulder and Scully investigate the murder of a homeless man in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Mulder believes there is a connection to a 1947 case where a "half-human creature ate a person." Along the way, Mulder meets some people that believe a man was killed by the Jersey Devil, such as the ranger and a homeless man. Mulder waits out in a dark alley and finally sees "a"  creature, but it escapes. After this find, Mulder visits a professor who validates Mulder's theory on a human reverting to connivers neanderthal. After another body is found in the wood, Mulder locates a female creature but is killed by the police. Ending the episode, it showed a wild child searching the woods for food.

By - Victoria Wolford

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