Sunday, August 9, 2020

Book Report Factfulness- written By Hans Roslings post by Carli Figlia


Factfulness, written by Hans Roslings, makes you rethink your way of thinking and not to overthink things and to see the bigger picture. I found this book overall pretty interesting, it was full of a lot of facts. However, at times the book became a lot and overwhelming with information. I enjoyed all of the questions that the author asks throughout the book. This book really makes you think about life and how you are living it. The begging of chapter two was very interesting when he about is life getting better, worse, or not getting better or worse. Most people would say the world is getting worse but overall life is getting better and we came a long way. We have improved so much over the years, there are more workers, people live longer, we have better health conditions. We are very negative thinking about every little thing that go wrong we do not think about the big picture. 

I really enjoyed chapter 4 it was very interesting and I liked his story in beginning about the guy who crashed in war. And he was saying that he was so scared and freaked he was just panicking and not thinking. When we are in fear we panic and we can not think straight and we think the worse. We have an overdramatic view of the world. 

I also found chapter 9, the blame instinct very interesting and very relatable. We tend to want to blame someone or something else for or problems or something not going to plan. I like what Hans said about wanting to punch someone and getting so mad that life isn’t your way. We have to think more and stay calm in certain situations and stop blaming others and accept the fact that something went wrong and we can’t blame other people. We never want to be there when something goes bad. Also, the part about Syphilis and how every country renamed it based on where the affected person came from. We blame others because it is easier and we don’t want the bad to be in our hands. Like the author says we should take the blame as quickly as we take claim.  I also enjoyed chapter ten just overall. When he says not really to freak out during urgent things. Also, when he was talking about Global warming and how that is urgent but we are not doing anything about it. We are freaking out about but not doing anything about it so how urgent is it really. Also, throughout the book, he mentions Ebola and pandemics and things doubling and it made me think about how quickly Coronavirus spread and how everyone freaked out and how everything changed so quickly. How this book relates to this class is that it makes you think about life.

Overall, I really enjoyed certain parts of this book and found the studies very interesting. However, sometimes I was a little bored and confused. He also repeated a lot of similar ideas and it got respite at times. However, I really thought overall the book was very interesting and made me think more. I would recommend this book to anyone else talking about this class it is very inspirational and gives you a positive outlook in life.

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