Saturday, August 1, 2020

Post #1: James Randi and Ghosts

    James Randi is a retired magician that tries to debunk frauds and examines paranormal claims. In the lectures, we have seen him expose people such as Uri Gellar that have claimed to have a supernatural ability. I have heard of James Randi and have even seen a couple of interviews with him before taking this class and have always been interested in his work. I was curious about his view on ghosts and how he could explain some of the paranormal evidence that people have found. To find out more about his view on ghosts I found a video where individuals explain their paranormal experiences and a woman also brought in some photographs that she believed to have proof of the paranormal. James Randi explained how some of the things found in the photos could be due to camera malfunctions or the user could have caused the camera to jiggle during the photograph. In addition to this, he also explained how the “orbs” people see in photographs are particles of dust and insects illuminated by the flash and since the digital camera is usually focused on the general scene and not the tiny particles it causes them to look blurry which makes it appear like an orb. If James Randi were still here today, I am curious about what his opinion would have been on the paranormal videos that are often posted on youtube and how he would have explained or debunked some of the evidence in those videos.

Here is the video:

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