Saturday, August 1, 2020

Post #2 James Randi

    I am a huge fan of James Randi, I admire his work on exploring pseudoscience. I am interested in James Randi exploring Uri Greller, who claimed that he is a psychic, and he can bend spoons with his mind and see-through envelopes. 
    There was a TV show which invited James Randi. The TV show wanted to prove that psychokinesis is real, and wanted to make James Randi look bad. On that day, Randi arrived early and sneaked into the room of the host. He saw two spoons and an envelope on the table, therefore he knew that the host was going to challenge him with these props. Hence, he bent the spoons until they almost come off, and took a look of the drawing inside the envelope, then put it back into a new envelope and sealed it. 
    As expected, the host asked Randi to bend the spoons with his mind, see-through the envelope, and reproduce the drawing. Randi finished the first test easily, and before he showed the drawing. He asked the host, "Am I a psychic if I can reproduce the drawing". The host said, "If you have reproduced it, you are quite extraordinary". The host didn't want to admit that a magician can do the things that only a psychic can do.     

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