Monday, August 10, 2020

Post Three: The Hat Man

 I have never personally experienced the hat man but I know people that have. I remember growing up my grandpa told me a story about how he seen a shadow of man with a hat on and he was in a panic. He said that it felt like something heavy was on his chest and he could not move or talk, he was stuck like that. He said he was sleeping when he was suddenly woken up by something heavy on his chest and not really being able to breathe. I myself believe in bad spirits 110%. I believe if there are good spirits there has to be bad because there is always bad and good for everything. I think maybe people are stuck in a between area before they go to where they are going after death and some of the bad get stuck in between that process. I have struggled with the unknown of what's in the darkness my whole life and I do not take darkness very well. I personally am one to sleep with my bedroom door closed at night due to the fear of possibly looking into the darkness and seeing something I do not want to see. If I do hear something at night for any reason I ignore it and try to act like I do not hear it. In situations like the hat man experience, I pray before bed and say out-loud what I can thankful for so that I welcome good energy to come my way to stay away from things like the hat man happening. I sometimes though, freak myself out about stuff like this because I feel like just taking about it will bring bad energy your way. The video I posted below is a video of an actual reaction from someone who has seen this shadow and is terrified of what she saw.

The Top Hat Man | Grim Magazine

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