Thursday, August 6, 2020

Topic 3: Y2K

Y2K was believed to be the technological doomsday that was allegedly suppose to occur once the analog systems on computers switched over from the year ‘99 to ‘00. Apparently this change in format upon the new year was supposedly to cause mass malfunctions within computer systems across the world causing mass chaos ranging from mass downed airlines to accidental nuclear missile launches which would effectively grind human society to a halt. As a result of this widespread hysteria, doomsday preppers sprang to action by hoarding necessities and building underground bunkers to provide refuge for their families. Unfortunately for these dutifully workers, their efforts were never necessary as the strike of midnight fell that New Year’s Eve twenty years ago. However, there are plenty of other occasions coming up that might warrant the habitation of these doomsday bunkers such as the end of the world concisely predicted to end by famed astrologer Jeane Dixon anywhere from the year 2020 to 2037.

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