Friday, August 2, 2019

UFO Abductions and Projective Testing

The validity of UFO abductions and sightings are always questionable. Some stories are completely fabricated for publicity and attention, others are told by believing "victims." In Jesse Long's case, hypnosis was used. We know hypnosis is a powerful influence on the memory, and false memories can be created and inserted in to one's mind. In my opinion, this invalidates all claims that Jesse has made. In the Snowflake case, there is a strong possibility that the crew's story also contains some false memories. Travis Walton claims to have collapsed and fallen unconscious. This could be untrue in itself, any one could fake fainting. If he actually did fall unconscious, it could've been due to a seizure or other medical cause. Traveling thirty miles on foot over the course of five days is certainly possible for a human, especially a young man like Travis. He claimed to have seen strange lights after waking up, which could be street lights or vehicle lights distorted from head trauma from the fall or perhaps hypothermia.

I have a "UFO sighting" of my own that I'd like to share. Obviously I'm not sure what I saw, but I couldn't and still can't explain it. I was 16, running down the road to go to my girlfriend's house. When I turned down her street, in the sky I saw a partially transparent plate-like structure, with red and white lights similar to airplanes around the brim. There was a low rumbling as it hovered. I stopped in awe, then continued running to her house. It seemingly ascended into the overcast sky. Once inside, I asked my girlfriend if she had seen and heard it, and she confirmed. The rumbling shook her house. This was nine years ago now, so I am aware that my memory may be fooling me, but her confirmation convinced me that there was something there. Perhaps it was just an optical illusion or some type of aircraft.

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  1. Personally, I can't relate to your experience in spotting a UFO, but I do believe in the extraterrestrial. There has to be some other form of life other than that of what we know. When you think about it, how is it possible that we have this whole universe and were the only ones it it? There's still this huge chunk of the universe that hasn't been discovered. Also, think of Area 51. Isn't it sketchy how we know nothing of it and information is being kept from us? Nice post!