Monday, August 5, 2019


Aromatherapy is something that I've always enjoyed using to help with stress and anxiety, but it wasn't until recently that I was informed how many ways it can benefit you! It can help with wrinkles, sprains, pains, memory, fear, asthma, depression, motion sickness, insomnia and stress! Essential oils are always very helpful and easy to use. They come in small bottles so you can bring it with you or keep it in your car like I do! All you need is a few drops of whatever scent you are looking to help and it can help calm/relieve any stress or pain you may be having! I also believe lighting candles  helps as well, it makes me think that I'm on a beach or curled up next to a fire. Some scents can really just take you to a different place and allow your mind to be at ease. I also loveee to take baths after a long or stressful day. Not only can this soothe your muscles but it can calm your entire body and mind! I have used all of these methods as forms of stress reducers and muscles relaxants, and I would recommend them for anyone that needs it!

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