Monday, August 5, 2019

Blog Post #2: Psychics

After reading Lecture 6, I couldn't help but thinking about when at one point the CIA interested in psychic phenomena. Beginning in the early 70s and ending in 1995, a number of investigations were made into "remote viewing". A number of psychics were arranged to use their so-called psychic powers to identify spies, locate Soviet weapons, and such, when all other intelligence methods were exhausted. Collectively, these were called the Stargate Project. The CIA came to the conclusion that the data given by the psychics were too vague and the results could not be independently replicated.


  1. I used to believe psychics could indeed look beyond their immediate panorama. I remember watching them in Discovery Channel 15 years ago and wanting to learn how to be a clairvoyant like them. But now we've learned that that was nothing more than a scam, but at least it was a fun time in my childhood.

  2. I used to believe psychics were real until I read lecture 6. I'm very skeptical of them now. Although, my sister did go to a psychic one who had crazy accurate information about things going on in her life and she even knew strange objects we had in out attic!

  3. It was weird reading about cia wanting to get involved with this, especially because they have so much power and would be way too into people's privacy! Thank goodness its not real!